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SWAT Youth spell messages in painted shirts SWAT Recruitment Kit

Download this cool pamphlet- print and fold copies to help spread the word! Here's a mini version of the same pamphlet. Also, these Talking Points give background information and SWAT strategies to fight Big Tobacco (Adobe pdf files).


Media Tools (Adobe pdf file)-
Harness the power of the media in your hometown for promoting SWAT and SWAT advocacy activities.


StreetRighs zine

NEW!!! Street Marketing Rights and Responsibilities (Adobe pdf file)-
Street Marketing is a great way to get the message out. This 'zine is designed to give you your rights and responsibilities as a street marketing advocate. You want to be seen as an advocate, not a vandal. Learn if you have a right to do what you plan to do. And, see if what you plan to do is the right thing to do.


Sample Media Advisory (Adobe pdf file)-
Notify the media of a newsworthy event or activity.


Sample Press Release (Adobe pdf file)-
Who, why, what, where and when!





Quotes From the Internal Memos of Various Tobacco Companies and Their Employees (Adobe pdf file)-
Download and print this document to use as a quick reference on quotes from tobacco companies.


Quotes and Facts-
This Powerpoint presentation contains a number of great quotes and startling facts about Big Tobacco.


Kick Butts Day 2004 Activities-
This awesome site has tons of downloadable materials to help you put together activities in your community.

Adobe pdf files require the free Acrobat Reader. Download it here!